Saturday, 18 August 2012

Thruster with shroud and filled with oil

As the title of this post suggests my thruster design now has a shroud and also the motor and control PCB housing is filled with low viscosity oil.

The cowl has an ID of 125mm and my thruster prop has a diameter of about 115mm, so it's not perfect due to the rather large gaps between the prop and the cowl, but not far off really for something that I found on the internet.

The mounts for the cowl are just 1.5mm stainless steel that I cut on the band saw, drilled on the pillar drill and bent with a good old hammer in a vice!

You can just about see the oil in the tube coming out of the back of the thruster.

My test tank is struggling with this size of thruster in there as it stands but I still managed to get some good runs and readings.

I was seeing over 1.5kg every now and again, which equates to about 750g of thrust in a far from ideal environment for the propeller, from a water flow perspective, so I'm pretty happy with that :)

I'll do some further tweaking and maybe see if I can find a bigger plastic container to use as a tank.

I'll also turn the thruster around in the tank and see what thrust I get in the opposite direction too.

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